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The Lodge was consecrated on 21st May 1960. The Consecrating Officer was the Provincial Grand Master, RW.Bro Rev. Charles H. Mosse assisted by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro S.C. Addison with the Mark Provincial Officers as follows.

RW.Bro The Rev. Charles H. Mosse Provincial Grand Master
VW.Bro S.C. Addison Deputy Provincial Grand Master
VW.Bro F. Flight Provincial Senior Grand Warden
W.Bro V.R. Chennell Provincial Junior Grand Warden
VW.Bro Canon H.T. Mobridge Provincial Grand Chaplain
W.Bro R.O. Dallaway Provincial Grand Secretary
W.Bro J.M. Scott-James Provincial Director of Ceremonies*
W.Bro J.A. Hart Dep. Prov. Director of Ceremonies*
W.Bro C.G. Roiling Provincial Grand Organist
W.Bro A.R. Freedman Provincial Grand Inner Guard



There were thirty-eight Founders of the Lodge present.


The earliest records of the Lodge show that in its first year, two emergency meetings were held. Five candidates were Advanced with two joining members being received into the Lodge.

After the second year, the Worshipful Master reported Advancing a further five candidates with one joining member.

The third year produced four more Brethren Advanced, and one joining member.

With the Lodge going from strength to strength, at the 14th meeting a proposal was put to the Lodge to form a Royal Ark Mariner Lodge.

In 1963, W.Bro C.S. Scotcher, the Lodge's third Master, reported that more than a third of the members of the Lodge had attended the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting during his year, at which his predecessor, the Immediate Past and Installing Master, W.Bro W.G.J Dixon, and the Charter Master, W.Bro D.K. Grieve were appointed Past Grand Deacons.

The Brother Secretary, at the 19th meeting of the Lodge, gave notice that the regular meeting in September would, in future, be held in October. The reason for the change was that a number of the Brethren were involved in agriculture, and could not be absent from their farming activities in September.

The Worshipful Master's report for 1968/9 was given by the Secretary, as regrettably, W.Bro L.T. Corden had passed to the Grand Lodge Above during his year in office. He was in his 81st year, having been a Craft Mason for 57 years, and one of the earliest members Advanced into the Lodge in November 1960.

At the 44th regular meeting, on the 9th February 1971, Bro Percy Penfold was Advanced; a Brother to whom Pulborough Masonry is much indebted to this day.

At the 56th meeting, W.Bro Morris Averns joined the Lodge. Today he is the longest serving member and "Father of the Lodge".

At the October meeting in 1979, the Worshipful Master proposed the Lodge seek Keystone Status by subscribing the required amount to Grand Lodge in aid of the New Premises Fund. The proposal was subsequently approved and the Keystone Collarettes were received on behalf of the Lodge by W.Bro Ken Hyett at a meeting of Mark Grand Lodge on 11th March 1980.

In April 1983, W.Bro Morris Averns was appointed Provincial Grand Senior Warden.

In 1983, at the 95th meeting in November, a proposition was made to hold regular meetings on the fourth Wednesday in February, May, September and November. However, at the 96th meeting, a further proposal was made to have the regular meetings on the fourth Tuesday of those months.

In that same year, the Mark Benevolent Fund Festival in London was attended by six of the Brethren and their wives. The Lodge contributed a sum of £4200 to the Festival, equating to £131 per member - the highest sum per member in the Province.

On the 28th May 1985, Pulborough Lodge of Mark Master Masons celebrated its first 25 years. At the meeting, the Lodge welcomed and received: -

RW.Bro Clifford W.H. Jeapes Provincial Grand Master
W.Bro J.W.A. Webster Deputy Provincial Grand Master
VW.Bro J.A. Hart Assistant Provincial Grand Master
W.Bro P. Pointer Provincial Grand Secretary


On 28th February 1992, the Lodge Banner was dedicated by: -

RW.Bro James W.A. Webster Provincial Grand Master


On 22nd September 1999, the Lodge hosted a visit by the Sussex Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge, accompanied by RW.Bro James W.A. Webster, ProvGM. During this meeting, Bro Colin H. Whitehead was Advanced to the Degree of a Mark Master Mason.


Grand Officers

Three subscribing members of the Lodge have been honoured with Mark Grand Rank: -

RW.Bro Morris Raymond Averns PGJW
W.Bro Clive Victor Seeley PAGDC
W.Bro Kenneth Edward Hyett PAGStB


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