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The Warrant for the Pulborough Royal Ark Mariner Lodge No. 1245 in the Ancient & Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners was issued by the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England & Wales and [as it was then] the Dominions and the Dependencies of the British Crown on 7th November 1963.

Hence, in the Year Book of Mark Grand Lodge, the Lodge is shown as a 1963 Lodge. The Sussex Year Book, however, uses the date of Consecration, so Pulborough Royal Ark Mariner Lodge is listed as a 1964 Lodge, having been Consecrated at the Sussex Masonic Centre 25, Queen's Road, Brighton on Saturday 29th February 1964.

The Consecrating Officer was the Provincial Grand Master, RW.Bro Rev. Charles H. Mosse assisted by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro S.C. Addison with the Mark Provincial Officers

W.Bro G.W. Turner, ProvGSW Senior Warden
W.Bro R.A. Holland, ProvGJW

Junior Warden

W.Bro Rev. J.E. Penney, ProvGChap Chaplain
W.Bro R.O. Dallaway, ProvGSec Secretary
W.Bro H.W. Richardson, ProvGDC Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro J.M. Scott-James, DepProvGDC as Assistant Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro H.R. Dixon*

as Assistant Director of Ceremonies

W.Bro R.L. Siffleet, PAGDC as Organist
W.Bro P. Richard Whittington, ProvGIG Guardian


* W.Bro H.R. Dixon acted as ADC in the late and unavoidable absence of W Bro Jack A. Hart, ProvAGDC who was due to fill that Office. The Brother who acted as Warder is not named.

There were fourteen Founders, and they held their Office for fifteen months to May 1965.

The Offices of Almoner and Charity Steward were not shown in 1964.  That’s because they were not authorised by the Grand Master's Royal Ark Council until 1982.  The first holders of these Offices in the Pulborough RAM Lodge were appointed in 1984, although the Lodge qualified as a Patron of the Mark Benevolent Fund [MBF] in 1983.  The Lodge subsequently qualified as a Grand Patron of the MBF in 1997 and as a Grand Patron [Gold Award] Lodge in 2015.

The preponderance of Members and Past Commanders of Hothampton Royal Ark Mariner Lodge No. 703 amongst the Founders, might suggest that the Hothampton Royal Ark Mariner Lodge sponsored this Lodge. There is, however, no mention of this in the Minutes of Hothampton Royal Ark Mariner Lodge and, in any case, all Royal Ark Mariner Lodges are sponsored by the Mark Lodge whose name and number the new Lodge is to bear.

It must be remembered, however, that Hothampton Mark Lodge No. 703 sponsored the Pulborough Mark Lodge No. 1245 in 1959, and that there was a high level of reciprocal visiting between those two Mark Lodges in the early 1960's. It was natural therefore that the Hothampton Brethren should form the nucleus of our Founding Brethren. It is understood that Bro William G.J. Dixon and Bro Cyril S. Scotcher were the main instigators of the Lodge. We owe a very great deal to them and, indeed, to all the Founders.

The By-Laws of the Lodge were, of course, adopted at the Consecration Meeting. They provided for four meetings each year - on the second Tuesdays of February, September and November, together with the third Tuesday of May. In February 1967, following a Notice of Motion at the previous meeting, Bro Ernest G.R. Fisk, Scribe, proposed that the meeting dates of the Lodge be changed to 1st Tuesday in February, 1st Monday October and 1st Monday in December [the Installation date remained the 3rd Tuesday in May].

Pulborough Royal Ark Mariner Lodge from its Consecration until 2006, when the October meeting was removed, was the only Sussex RAM Lodge meeting four times each year.

The Annual Subscription, Joining Fee and Re-Joining Fee were each fixed at £1.10.0d (£1.50), and the Elevation Fee was fixed at £5.0.0d (£5.00). The latter fee was reduced to two guineas (£2.10) a year later. The Annual Subscription remained at this level until October 1975 when the Brethren approved a twofold increase. It was again doubled (to £6.00) in October 1977, and further increased to £13.00 in February 1982. In 1989 they were £15.00. In May 1991 the Subscriptions had to be increased to £20.00. Over the years, owing to inflation, there had to be further increases in Subscriptions resulting in the current [2017] Annual Subscription being £65.00. The Elevation, Joining and Re-Joining Fees were amended in October 1977 and October 1980, before being raised to £10.00, £11.00 and £11.00 respectively in February 1982. Over the years, owing to inflation, there had to be further increases in resulting in the current Annual Subscription

The first meeting of the Lodge following Consecration was at the Masonic Temple, Station Road, Pulborough. This has been the venue for all subsequent meetings - and it should be noted here that every regular meeting of the Lodge has been properly held. At that first meeting, Bro William [Bill] H. Wareham was Elevated.

In the first year of the Lodge, three Brethren were Elevated and one Joined, but in the second year, there was only one Elevation, that being Bro John Irons, which took place at the Installation Meeting - a fairly common occurrence in those early years.

In the second and third years of its existence, several Meeting Dates were altered by Dispensation, and there was clearly a lot of discussion and dissatisfaction with the dates of the regular meetings. In November 1966, the Scribe gave Notice that at the next regular meeting he would propose ‘That the Regular Meetings of the Lodge be changed to the First Tuesday in February, the First Monday in October, and the First Monday in December’. Just three meetings per annum, in February, October and December. This was printed on the Summons for the February 1967 meeting and was duly put to the Brethren for confirmation and approved. Surprisingly, the Lodge next met on the third Tuesday in May 1967, when Bro William G.J. Dixon was Installed as Worshipful Commander; and the Lodge continued to meet four times each year despite no minuted Resolution to do so.

The By-Laws of the Lodge which the Scribe submitted following that February 1967 meeting do list four Meetings each year [the above three plus the third Tuesday in May]. These By-Laws were approved by the Grand Master's Royal Ark Council on 28th March 1967, and must take precedence over the Minutes. One can only assume that in 1967 the Brethren thought that the Installation Meeting was not a 'Regular Meeting'. However, our Lodge By-Laws have subsequently been updated and regularised to state that we hold regular meetings on the first Tuesday in February, the third Tuesday in May [Installation] and the first Monday December.

Tuesday 3rd April 1990 was a special day in the life of the Lodge as an ‘Emergency Meeting’ was called in order to Dedicate the new Lodge Banner.  This was carried out by RW Bro Clifford W.H. Jeapes, GMRAC (HC), ProvGM, assisted by W Bro James W.A. Webster, RAMGR, DepProvGM and the following Provincial Team: -

W.Bro Bertram J. Haffenden, ProvGSW Senior Warden
W.Bro J. Roger G. Bunn, ProvGJW

Junior Warden

W.Bro Rev. Cyril H. Cartwright, MA, ProvGChap Chaplain
W.Bro S. Graham Seddon, ProvGSec Secretary
W.Bro Andrew T. Chalmers, ProvGDC Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro Bernard G. Pate, PProvGSwdB as Sword Bearer
W.Bro Leslie M. Judd, ProvGStwd

as Senior Deacon

W.Bro Claude C. Pullinger, PProvGJD as Junior Deacon
W.Bro Paul K. Frost, ProvAGDC Assistant Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro Victor G. Slater, PProvGJW, ProvGOrg Organist
W.Bro Thomas R. Steer, PProvGSwdB

as Standard Bearer

W.Bro F. Jack Walton, PAGDC Warder
W.Bro Brian J. Farrow, MBE MC, ProvDepGChap Duties not recorded



Some of the Lodge Accounts in the early years were accepted 'Subject to Audit', but the Minutes fail to record any subsequent report from the Auditors. Indeed the first minuted record of the Lodge Accounts being audited appears in 1972 after Bro Cyril S. Scotcher become Treasurer. It is pleasing to note that this has continued ever since with the Lodge Accounts being audited annually and we are fortunate, at this time, to have our Lodge accounts in the capable care of our present Treasurer, Bro Peter M. Smith.


The Lodge has had nine Treasurers to date: -

Bro Charles J. Horsley-Grout 1964 - 1970
W.Bro Cyril S. Scotcher 1970 - 1978
Bro John F.J. Morrish 1978 - 1988
Bro Donald W. Weeks 1988 - 1995
Bro Brian T.J. Eades 1995 - 1998
W.Bro Donald W. Weeks

1998 - 2000 (died in office)

Bro Derrick J. Simpson 2000 - 2001 (acting)
W.Bro Derrick J. Simpson 2001 - 2003
Bro Norman A. Flahey 2003 - 2004
Bro Stephen R. Shuttleworth 2004 - 2008
Bro Peter M. Smith 2008 - Current



The Lodge has had seven Scribes to date: -

Bro Ernest G.R. Fisk

1964 - 1971

W.Bro William G.J. Dixon 1971 - 1973
Bro Percy H. Penfold 1973 - 1979
Bro Denis G. Colebourne  TD 1979 - 1982
W.Bro Percy H. Penfold

1982 - 1994

Bro Derrick J. Simpson

1994 - 1998

Bro Ian H. Parris 1998 - 2000
W.Bro Ian H. Parris 2000 - 2003
W.Bro Derrick J. Simpson 2003 - 2007
W.Bro Nigel H. Potter 2007 - Current


Directors of Ceremonies

The Lodge has been kept in shape with ten Directors of Ceremonies to date: -

W.Bro Frederick G. Jones 1964 - 1971
W.Bro Desmond K. Grieve

1971 - 1977

W.Bro James W.A. Webster                  1977 - 1984
W.Bro Morris R. Averns

1984 - 1989

W.Bro Donald H. Charman 1989 - 1993
W.Bro Kenneth Stallabrass 1993 - 1994
W.Bro Reginald E. Edser 1994 - 1995
W.Bro Donald H. Charman 1995 - 1998 (died in office)
W.Bro John P. Mitchell

1998 - 2000

W.Bro Nigel H. Potter

2000 - 2005

W.Bro Michael W. Fahey 2005 - Current


Grand Officers  

16 Members of the Lodge over the years have been honoured with Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank: -

W.Bro Desmond K. Grieve 1968
W.Bro Dr Thomas L. Scott 1968
W.Bro Alfred E. Tout 1971
W.Bro Cyril S. Scotcher 1974
W.Bro William G.J. Dixon 1975
W.Bro James W.A. Webster 1982
W.Bro Robert D.T. Sillett 1990 (through RAM 449)
W.Bro Paul T. Taylor 1990 (through RAM 534)
W.Bro Morris R. Averns 1992
W.Bro Percy H. Penfold 1992
W.Bro Ernest F. Bere 1993
W.Bro Denis G. Colebourne  TD 1995
W.Bro Edward S. Gregory 1995 (through RAM 568)
W.Bro Nigel H. Potter 2002
W.Bro Phillip L. Bye 2011
W.Bro Derrick J. Simpson 2013


Festive Boards

There have been around eleven venues for our Festive Boards. The original venue was the Red Lion Hotel, Pulborough, but we have also dined on several occasions in this Temple, and at the Five Bells Inn, Pulborough.

For about ten years Mrs P.H. Penfold catered for us at Sandham Village Hall following which Mrs D.H. Charman and then Mrs D. Woodhams who both looked after us for shorter periods.


Then we had a change in dining to the Swan Hotel, Pulborough followed by a meal or two at the Oddfellows Arms, Pulborough. In 1992, we, again, changed our dining to the Black Horse Inn at Amberley followed by a visit to the Blacksmith’s Arms, Adversane in 1993. However, we were soon back at the Black Horse Inn, Amberley from December 1993 until October 1996.


In 1997, the Lodge made another move back to the Red Lion Hotel, Pulborough, this being some thirty-three years after we had first dined there. This move didn’t last long, however, because albeit the food was good, the ambient temperature in the dining hall at this venue was just too cold! No amount of portable gas heaters, provided by the landlord, could keep us warm so we moved on.


A special note is made of the Installation in May 1997 when we decided to dine at the Crown Inn at Cootham. The food was just about perfect but the venue proved to be too small when forty-four Brethren dined in the Crown Inn conservatory. It was so cramped that when one got up - all around him had to get up! The food had to be passed around because the waiting staff couldn’t get to the tables.


Needless to say, sadly, we did not go back to the Crown Inn but were pleased to return to the Black Horse Inn, Amberley until 2000. The dining at the Black Horse Inn holds good memories in that the food was good, the room was small and the place had great ‘olde-worlde’ half-timbered charm. It was also different in that, many a time, when the wind was the right direction and someone closed the door the whole room would be filled with smoke from the open log fire! This smoky atmosphere somehow added to the experience making the food seem even tastier and, of course, it goes without saying that the company was always entertaining.


The Lodge had to find an alternative dining venue in 2000 when the Black Horse did away with their restaurant facilities so we tried out Brinsbury College and have been there ever since - a testament to their good cooking no doubt!


Notable Brethren

The Brethren who have graced the Lodge by becoming members, or by joining, have all been instrumental in our success over the last fifty years but there are some whose names should have a special mention.  They are -

RW.Bro James W.A. Webster who was Elevated into this Lodge in 1969, became our Worshipful Commander in 1973 and eventually rose to become Provincial Grand Master for the Sussex Mark Province from 1991 to 2000.

W.Bro Morris R. Averns was a Brother to whom the Lodge owes a lot - he joined this Lodge from the Three Grand Principals RAM Lodge No. 879, Penyrn, Cornwall on 4th February 1975 and soon became an invaluable member who took the Chair in 1981. He became Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Sussex Mark Province from 1993 to 1997. To mark the great sense of appreciation for the support, guidance and wise council we owe to this Brother a commemorative disc has been commissioned and affixed to the Worshipful Commander’s Collar. 

W.Bro Percy H. Penfold was Elevated in 1972 and became our Worshipful Commander in 1980. He was a Brother who spent some eighteen loyal and active years as the Lodge Scribe [from 1973 to 1979 and 1982 to 1994]. During his tenure the Lodge flourished and was privileged to Elevate forty-four Brethren and have six join or re-join. As well as being an active Scribe he also organised, with the help of his wife Doris, the catering for the Festive Boards at Sandham Village Hall over a period of around ten years.

W.Bro Denis G. Colebourne, TD, was an active member who served time as our Lodge Scribe from 1979 to 1982 and was the Worshipful Commander in 1983. He became an Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Sussex [Craft] from 1987 to 1991.

W.Bro John J. Stanford was Elevated in 1968 and Worshipful Commander in 1974. Sadly, he died in 1989 but instructed in his will that money from his estate was to be used to commission a Lodge Banner. Through his generosity our Lodge Banner was made and then dedicated in April 1990. It has been in the service of the Lodge ever since. The Lodge Minutes of October 1973 state that W Bro Alfred E. Tout enquired whether it would be possible ‘for a board bearing the title of the Lodge and its Past Commanders to be obtained for display in the Lodge’. It was the same W Bro John Stanford who undertook to supply the Honours Board that we have on display to this day.

Last but not least we must mention W.Bro Bob Sillett, who was Elevated into this Lodge on 6th October 1969.  Bro Bob left us for a while but re-joined on 3rd December 2007.  So nearly 45 years after he was Elevated in Pulborough RAM Lodge W Bro Robert David Taylor Sillett  MBE RAMGR became Commander in our 50th Anniversary year.

To the Founders, the Brethren specially mentioned above, our Worshipful Commanders, Treasurers, Scribes, DCs, Lodge Officers, Members and our permanent guests, we owe a great debt of gratitude as all have contributed in making our Lodge flourish to date ‘like an evergreen tree whose leaves fade not’.

Now that we have reached this milestone of fifty years let us earnestly hope that the Lodge continues to develop so that, in 2064, when the Centenary Celebrations are enjoyed, the Brethren of the time will look back and say that their predecessors had, indeed, well and truly played their part in contributing to the success of this fine and friendly Lodge.

Nigel H. Potter RAMGR, PAsstProvGM Lodge Scribe

Tuesday 20th May 2014

The First Fifty Years In Detail

1 29-Feb 1964 W Bro Alfred E. Tout  WCdr Consecration
2 19-May 1964 W Bro Robin C. Weekes   Joined
  19-May 1964   Bro William H. Wareham   Elevated
3 08-Sep 1964   Bro Robert F. Donaldson   Elevated
4 10-Nov 1964   Bro Harold J. Hurst   Elevated
5 09-Feb 1965         No Candidate
6 18-May 1965 W Bro Dr Thomas L. Scott WCdr Installed
7 28-Sep 1965         No Candidate
8 09-Nov 1965         No Candidate
9 08-Feb 1966         No Candidate
10 17-May 1966   Bro John J. Irons   Elevated
W Bro Desmond K. Grieve WCdr Installed
11 27-Sep 1966         No Candidate
12 22-Nov 1966         No Candidate
13 07-Feb 1967         No Candidate
14 16-May 1967 W Bro William J.G. Dixon WCdr Installed
15 02-Oct 1967   Bro Reginald F. Daniels   Elevated
16 04-Dec 1967   Bro Harold J. Addison   Elevated
17 06-Feb 1968   Bro John J. Stanford   Elevated
18 21-May 1968 W Bro Cyril S. Scotcher WCdr Installed
19 07-Oct 1968   Bro Charles E. Burgess   Elevated
20 02-Dec 1968   Bro Richard Kirchin   Elevated
21 04-Feb 1969   Bro James W.A. Webster   Elevated
22 20-May 1969 W Bro Cecil S. King WCdr Installed
23 06-Oct 1969   Bro John F. Horrocks   Elevated
  Bro Robert D.T. Sillett   Elevated
24 01-Dec 1969   Bro Dennys J. Matcham   Elevated
25 03-Feb 1970         No Candidate
26 19-May 1970 W Bro Robin C. Weekes WCdr Installed
27 05-Oct 1970   Bro Ronald P. Sherry   Elevated
28 07-Dec 1970   Bro Reginald B. Rowland   Elevated
29 02-Feb 1971   Bro Robert Rushton   Joined
  Bro Maurice S. Skinner   Elevated
30 18-May 1971 W Bro Reginald F. Daniels WCdr Installed
31 04-Oct 1971   Bro George Banks   Elevated
32 06-Dec 1971   Bro Ernest F. Bere   Elevated
33 01-Feb 1972   Bro Percy H. Penfold   Elevated
34 16-May 1972   Bro James S. Rapley   Elevated
W Bro Walter G. Milner-Smith WCdr Installed
35 02-Oct 1972         No Candidate
36 04-Dec 1972         No Candidate
37 06-Feb 1973         No Candidate
38 15-May 1973 W Bro James W.A. Webster WCdr Installed
39 01-Oct 1973   Bro Harry Birch   Elevated
40 03-Dec 1973   Bro Reginald H. Matthews   Elevated
41 05-Feb 1974   Bro Frederick A. Buckle   Elevated
42 21-May 1974 W Bro John J. Stanford  WCdr Installed
43 04-Oct 1974   Bro Angus A. McKinnon   Elevated
44 02-Dec 1974   Bro Norman W. Marlow   Elevated
45 04-Feb 1975   Bro Morris R. Averns   Joined
        Bro Derek J. Mauchel   Elevated
46 20-May 1975 W Bro Charles E. Burgess  WCdr Installed
47 06-Oct 1975   Bro R. Basil E. Thayre   Elevated
48 01-Dec 1975   Bro James H. Sayers   Elevated
49 03-Feb 1976   Bro Sidney A. Dunford   Elevated
50 18-May 1976 W Bro John F. Horrocks WCdr Installed
51 04-Oct 1976 W Bro P. Richard Whittington   Joined
  Bro Edward S. Gregory   Elevated
52 06-Dec 1976   Bro Jack Shore   Elevated
53 01-Feb 1977         No Candidate
54 17-May 1977 W Bro Harold J. Addison  WCdr Installed
55 03-Oct 1977   Bro Denis G. Colebourne   Elevated
56 05-Dec 1977   Bro Kenneth E. Hyett   Elevated
57 07-Feb 1978   Bro John F.G. Morrish   Joined
  Bro Roy J. Crook   Elevated
58 16-May 1978 W Bro Ernest F. Bere WCdr Installed
59 02-Oct 1978   Bro Douglas A. Pelling   Elevated
60 04-Dec 1978   Bro Eric H. Hyland   Elevated
61 06-Feb 1979   Bro David E. Cheaney   Elevated
62 15-May 1979 W Bro Frederick A. Buckle  WCdr Installed
63 01-Oct 1979   Bro Donald H. Charman   Elevated
64 03-Dec 1979   Bro Derek G. Cripps   Elevated
65 05-Feb 1980   Bro Colin C. Rudge   Elevated
66 20-May 1980 W Bro Percy H. Penfold WCdr Installed
67 06-Oct 1980   Bro Ronald P. Lee   Elevated
68 01-Dec 1980   Bro Reginald E. Edser   Elevated
69 03-Feb 1981   Bro Rodney J. White   Elevated
70 19-May 1981 W Bro Morris R. Averns WCdr Installed
71 05-Oct 1981   Bro William J. Hart   Elevated
72 07-Dec 1981 W Bro Harry M.M. Averns   Joined
  Bro John P. Mitchell   Elevated
73 02-Feb 1982   Bro Archibald G. Lawrence   Elevated
74 18-May 1982   Bro Cyril C.H. Barton   Joined
W Bro Sidney A. Dunford WCdr Installed
75 04-Oct 1982   Bro William E. Cordon   Elevated
76 06-Dec 1982   Bro John E. Skipper   Elevated
77 01-Feb 1983   Bro Michael Ford   Elevated
78 17-May 1983 W Bro Denis G. Colebourne WCdr Installed
79 03-Oct 1983   Bro Christopher C. Wood   Elevated
80 05-Dec 1983   Bro Kenneth Stallabrass   Elevated
81 07-Feb 1984   Bro David T. Woodhams   Elevated
82 29-May 1984 W Bro James S. Rapley WCdr Installed
83 01-Oct 1984   Bro Colin C. Rudge   Re-Joined
84 03-Dec 1984   Bro John M. Waymark   Elevated
85 05-Feb 1985         No Candidate
86 21-May 1985 W Bro Douglas A. Pelling WCdr Installed
87 07-Oct 1985   Bro Samuel A. Wilson   Elevated
88 02-Dec 1985   Bro Walter K. Cossey   Elevated
89 04-Feb 1986   Bro Richard A.J. Fowler   Elevated
90 20-May 1986 W Bro Donald H. Charman WCdr Installed
91 06-Oct 1986   Bro John Greenwood   Elevated
  Bro Lawrence C. Ibison   Elevated
92 01-Dec 1986   Bro Donald W. Weeks   Elevated
93 03-Feb 1987   Bro Richard J. Welfare   Elevated
94 19-May 1987 W Bro Reginald E. Edser WCdr Installed
95 05-Oct 1987         No Candidate
96 07-Dec 1987 W Bro Paul T. Taylor   Joined
97 02-Feb 1988   Bro Alec Taylor   Elevated
98 17-May 1988 W Bro David E. Cheaney WCdr Installed
99 03-Oct 1988   Bro Ian A. King   Joined
99 03-Oct 1988   Bro Norman A. Flahey   Elevated
100 05-Dec 1988   Bro Ronald K.A. Steer   Elevated
102 16-May 1989 W Bro William J. Hart WCdr Installed
103 02-Oct 1989   Bro Nigel H. Potter   Elevated
104 04-Dec 1989         No Candidate
105 06-Feb 1990   Bro Rowland C. Janes   Elevated
107 15-May 1990 W Bro John F.G. Morrish WCdr Installed
108 01-Oct 1990         No Candidate
109 03-Dec 1990   Bro Kenneth P. Gee   Elevated
110 05-Feb 1991         No Candidate
111 21-May 1991 W Bro William E. Cordon WCdr Installed
112 07-Oct 1991   Bro Derrick J. Simpson   Elevated
113 02-Dec 1991   Bro Ronald E. Solman   Elevated
114 04-Feb 1992   Bro Edwin J.C. Du-Cann   Elevated
115 19-May 1992 W Bro John P. Mitchell WCdr Installed
116 05-Oct 1992   Bro Henry H. Wells   Elevated
117 07-Dec 1992   Bro Geoffrey H. Burchett   Elevated
118 02-Feb 1993         No Candidate
119 18-May 1993 W Bro Roy J. Crook WCdr Installed
120 04-Oct 1993   Bro Brian T.J. Eades   Elevated
121 06-Dec 1993         No Candidate
122 01-Feb 1994   Bro Roy J. Asser   Elevated
123 17-May 1994 W Bro Christopher C. Wood WCdr Installed
124 03-Oct 1994         No Candidate
125 05-Dec 1994   Bro Richard J. Welfare   Re-Joined
126 07-Feb 1995   Bro Rex Charman   Elevated
127 16-May 1995 W Bro Ian A. King WCdr Installed
128 02-Oct 1995         No Candidate
129 04-Dec 1995         No Candidate
130 06-Feb 1996         No Candidate
131 21-May 1996 W Bro Donald W. Weeks WCdr Installed
132 07-Oct 1996         No Candidate
133 02-Dec 1996         No Candidate
134 04-Feb 1997         No Candidate
135 20-May 1997 W Bro Nigel H. Potter WCdr Installed
136 06-Oct 1997   Bro Ian H. Parris   Elevated
137 01-Dec 1997   Bro Keith J. Laker   Elevated
138 03-Feb 1998   Bro Michael W. Fahey   Elevated
139 19-May 1998 W Bro Ronald E. Solman WCdr Installed
140 05-Oct 1998   Bro Graham S. Cutler   Elevated
141 07-Dec 1998         No Candidate
142 02-Feb 1999         No Candidate
143 18-May 1999 W Bro Kenneth P. Gee WCdr Installed
144 04-Oct 1999   Bro Philip W. Read   Elevated
145 06-Dec 1999         No Candidate
146 01-Feb 2000   Bro Thomas Aldridge   Elevated
147 16-May 2000 W Bro Derrick J. Simpson WCdr Installed
148 02-Oct 2000   Bro Jeffrey Daniels   Elevated
149 04-Dec 2000   Bro Antony D. Mills   Elevated
150 06-Feb 2001         No Candidate
151 15-May 2001   Bro Richard J. Welfare   Re-Joined
W Bro Geoffrey H. Burchett WCdr Installed
152 01-Oct 2001         No Candidate
153 03-Dec 2001         No Candidate
154 05-Feb 2002         No Candidate
155 21-May 2002 W Bro Michael W. Fahey WCdr Installed
156 07-Oct 2002   Bro Kenneth E. Hyett   Re-Joined
156 07-Oct 2002   Bro Stephen J. Holbrook   Elevated
157 02-Dec 2002   Bro Stephen R. Shuttleworth   Elevated
158 04-Feb 2003   Bro W. Kennedy Robinson   Elevated
159 20-May 2003 W Bro Richard J. Welfare WCdr Installed
160 06-Oct 2003 W Bro Clive V. Seeley   Joined
  Bro Neville C. Chamberlain   Elevated
161 01-Dec 2003         No Candidate
162 03-Feb 2004         No Candidate
163 18-May 2004 W Bro Graham S. Cutler WCdr Installed
164 04-Oct 2004   Bro Russell S. Smith   Elevated
165 06-Dec 2004         No Candidate
166 01-Feb 2005         No Candidate
167 17-May 2005 W Bro Clive V. Seeley WCdr Installed
168 03-Oct 2005         No Candidate
169 05-Dec 2005         No Candidate
170 07-Feb 2006         No Candidate
171 15-May 2006 W Bro Clive V. Seeley WCdr Proclaimed
172 04-Dec 2006   Bro Nigel R. Silveston   Elevated
  Bro John R. Sparks   Elevated
173 06-Feb 2007     No Candidate
174 08-May 2007 W Bro Thomas Aldridge WCdr Installed
175 02-Oct 2007   Bro Kenneth G. Howard   Elevated
  Bro Gary F. Lewis   Elevated
176 03-Dec 2007 W Bro Robert D.T. Sillett   Re-Joined
  Bro David M. Tunks   Elevated
177 05-Feb 2008   Bro Peter M. Smith   Elevated
178 19-May 2008 W Bro Jeffrey Daniels WCdr Installed
179 06-Oct 2008   Bro David J. Lanz   Elevated
180 01-Dec 2008   Bro J. Michael Sandford   Elevated
181 18-Feb 2009   Bro Peter A. Newman   Elevated
182 19-May 2009 W Bro Neville C. Chamberlain WCdr Installed
183 05-Oct 2009 W Bro Phillip L. Bye   Joined
  Bro Colin H. Whitehead   Elevated
184 07-Dec 2009   Bro Edward J. Symonds   Elevated
185 02-Feb 2010   Bro Andrew D. Gilham   Elevated
186 18-May 2010 W Bro Stephen J. Holbrook-Sishton WCdr Installed
187 06-Dec 2010         No Candidate
188 01-Feb 2011         No Candidate
189 17-May 2011 W Bro Russell S. Smith WCdr Installed
190 04-Oct 2011   Bro Robert C. Ashley   Elevated
191 05-Dec 2011   Bro John A. Backshall   Elevated
192 07-Feb 2012   Bro David B. Dumigan   Elevated
193 15-May 2012   Bro Alec Taylor   Re-Joined
W Bro Stephen R. Shuttleworth WCdr Installed
194 03-Dec 2012   Bro Gordon E. Pullen   Elevated
195 05-Feb 2013         No Candidate
196 21-May 2013 W Bro David M. Tunks WCdr Installed
197 02-Dec 2013   Bro Robert J. Mazek   Elevated
198 04-Feb 2014         No Candidate
199 20-May 2014 W Bro Robert D.T. Sillett  MBE WCdr Installed

Emergency meetings shown in italics

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