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On Saturday, 22nd July, 1933, a Provincial Grand Lodge was opened in the Lodge Room of the Railway Hotel, Pulborough.  The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Major Lawrence Thornton, CBE, DL, his Deputy, and his Assistant Provincial Grand Master, with twenty-nine Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge, together with forty-two Members of the Lodge and forty-seven Visitors, marched in full regalia along Station Road to the site of the new Temple, where Provincial Grand Master well and truly laid the Foundation Stone. (There are photographs of this event in the Entrance of the building.) 

The Foundation Stone of Pulborough Masonic Hall


The original plans clearly show the stairway having three, five and seven treads – numbers with a particular significance to Freemasons.  Unfortunately, the carpenter appears to have been a craftsman of his trade, but not of the Craft, as he had the stairway constructed and in place with only two treads at the bottom before the error could be brought to Masonic notice.

The first Meeting in this building was on Wednesday, 13th December 1933, in the presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Lt. Colonel CRB Godman, TD, PGD, the architect who designed the building.   

W. Bro. Jack Rapley recalls his Father, W.Bro. SEC Rapley, telling him that Colonel Godman was extremely annoyed when he saw the ‘error’ of the stairs.  Unfortunately the mistake has never been corrected.

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